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Expatriates Authority Launches Virtual Conference Room | 2017-03-21


Expatriates Agency inaugurates Virtual Conference Room: Ambassador Dr. Karrar Al-Tohamy, Secretary-General of the Sudanese Organization for the Organization of Foreign Affairs, inaugurated today the Virtual Conference Room (Video Conference) in the presence of Dr. Osman Hassan Osman, Director of Knowledge Transfer Department. Waban Al-Tuhami said that the Chamber represents one of the outputs and objectives of the conference of experts and Sudanese competencies abroad, which was held recently in Khartoum, which aims to communicate with the Sudanese scientists in their locations abroad to benefit from their experiences in development and consultation with them and to know their views on a number of knowledge files. Al-Tuhami also designed a training course for the team's electronic communication team on the skills of networking with Sudanese experts and related institutions abroad