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under the auspices of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers

Experts and scientists Sudanese conference abroad continue its work on the day of deliberations first | 2017-02-25


Media expatriates device Continued to experts and scholars Sudanese conference abroad, organized by the organization of Sudanese affairs device abroad in the period from 24 - 27 February this continued its deliberations on the first day the premises of the High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies suburb of Soba where he presented Prof. Allam light of the University of Sussex, Ireland, a paper on the role of experts and the Sudanese competencies abroad in the transfer and localization of knowledge in order to achieve peace, security and sustainable development with Dr. Bakri Musa from the national University of Khartoum and a paper on the role of the Sudanese in the countries of the diaspora in the transfer of knowledge and questioned by the paper about how to create a stimulating environment for partnership in Almarqh, opportunities and challenges pry facing this process So Dr. Nawal Ladjimi submitted a proposal Drlsh research on the role of migratory competencies in the development of Sudan Through the transfer of knowledge from the reality of the migration of scientific talent and national expertise, and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Karam Din Secretary General voluntary body to support higher education in Saudi Arabia and Rqhhol see a body on the transfer of immigrant experiences - the mechanisms and procedures in addition to the number of securities covered by the first day of the program consisted in international conventions and contracts and arbitration presented by Dr. Abdul Qadir the paintings, along with the Sudanese minds migratory papers and how to invest given by Dr. Faisal Aoshik, the challenges and obstacles faced by Sudanese experts abroad in the transfer of knowledge and contribute to the development presented by Dr. Mohamed senior from Belgium, the World League and the chances of Sudanese universities presented Dr. Bashir tiger from the United States and a paper transfer of knowledge and constraints presented by Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ali Hamad. This continues the conference program on Sunday axis of the transfer of knowledge and experiences and applications includes six working papers provided by Dr. Salah napkin, Dr. Mohammad Hashim, Dr. Ibrahim builder, Ambassador Kamal Jabara, a professor and Dr. Hisham Hassan Babacar Ismail.