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Expatriates sign a memorandum of understanding with the World Federation of scientific institutions in Algeria | 2017-02-26


The organization of Sudanese affairs abroad, a memorandum of understanding with the World Federation of scientific institutions in Algeria today Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies in Khartoum, on the sidelines of the experts and scholars conference, was MoU was signed by expatriates device Dr. Karrar Mohammed Thami secretary-general of the device while it was signed by the World Federation of scientific institutions in Algeria Dr. Sorour asylum Secretary-General. Both sides agreed to promote direct cooperation through organizing and holding joint scientific activities - international conferences or local address topics emerging in the world and the Arab world, seminars, lectures and organize joint scientific sessions and training and joint supervision and exchange of researchers and workers in the institutions of experts in the framework of process short visits on the basis of a prior agreement between the the parties . The memorandum also stipulates that the World Federation of scientific institutions supports for Immigration Studies Research Center and the definition of its various scientific and its activities, promotion and announcement of each new scientific publications (seminars, conferences, courses, etc.) and to organize visits for researchers and experts to Maqralathad and the implementation and development of research projects and agree on exchange of information through the contact between the two parties. Said Dr. Karar Thami in a press statement after the signing of the memorandum established a permanent and sophisticated relationship mutually beneficial and promote partnership opportunities and allow maximum use of the expertise of human and material resources available to both parties benefit. He thanked the World Federation of scientific institutions in Algeria on extensive qualitative and conference participation, noting that this conference is the first of its kind and is the overlap between the scientific and academic institutions, pointing out that this event such good opportunity in which to embody the scientific renaissance of convergence at the level of the Arab world . Dr. Sorour asylum expressed pleasure and gratitude for the invitation to participate in the conference pointed out that in the future will be the Union's scientific activities on the ground, either through the organization of conferences or a set of joint scientific seminars.