The Council of Sudanese Experts and Scientists Abroad ®

under the auspices of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad, of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers

Sudanese experts and scholars abroad Conference will conclude its work and issue a final statement and recommendations Media expatriates device | 2017-02-27


Concluded experts and scholars Sudanese conference abroad, organized by the organization of Sudanese affairs abroad device under the auspices of the First Vice-President of the Republic from 24 - February 27, ended his workers and issued a final statement and recommendations, and expressed Ambassador Dr. Karrar Thami secretary general of the regulator Sudanese affairs for a successful conference outside his happiness the findings of meaningful scientific recommendations, praising the people of Sudan's efforts abroad and their eagerness to participate in the conference, which saw the participation of 250 scientists Sudanese and experts from abroad have made (40) in search of an applied in addition to the participation of four sister states, as the conference program included the signing of memorandums of understanding between the device and the city of technological African national training Center at the Ministry of human resource development. The conference recommended to take advantage of international and regional organizations, universities and relevant. And the establishment of a charitable fund to experts abroad to support education is funded from savings experts, the establishment of a scientific council of experts in the field of higher education, the adoption of clear policies to bring about the brain drain in the field of higher education. In the area of ​​improving the image of Sudan abroad recommended strengthening and support of experts and scholars abroad to improve the mental image of Sudan, InshaAllah coordinating council comprising Sudanese and media competencies abroad and at home, willing training institution developmental global curriculum. In the area of ​​the role of experts in the transfer of knowledge in the health sector, the conference recommended developing mechanisms to take advantage of health initiatives and associations abroad, creating a data base of medical personnel abroad. In the field of agriculture recommended that a specialized agricultural conference of experts from abroad, to encourage the establishment of a public company and a subsidiary of the production, marketing and production of piety. Establishment of an expert council brings together experts at home and abroad to the layout of the knowledge economy and the establishment of an integrated database of scientists and experts Ptsneivhm and specialization rules. Strengthening and development of Sudan Center for the Studies of migratory and development and consider management means an inventory and classification of experts, scientists, and support for Sudan's accession to the World Trade Organization before December 2017 efforts. And the establishment of an independent and specialized national center in arbitration and negotiation issues.